Brian Vander and Bob Lucenti

Back in June of 2001, Bob Lucenti walked onto the 27th floor of the Sears Tower in Chicago Illinois.  Fresh faced and sporting frosted tips in his hair which screamed "I need help!"  That's when Brian Vander took the youngling under his wing and nurtured him back to reality.  After a few months of working together, Brian and Bob were so efficient at their financial jobs that they had hours of down time during the work day.

So what did Brian and Bob do to fill this time?  Argue about power levels of Transformers and DC vs Marvel of course.  Realizing there was no compromise, the two decided to talk about writing a comic together but family and work took them down a different path.  Bob moved to the Big Apple and Brian stayed in Chicago.  Even though the two stayed in constant contact, the comic book dream took what turned out to be a 8 year hiatus.

In 2010, Brian was on a business trip to London.  Knowing it was going to be a long flight, Brian decided to open up the notebook and started drafting a story.  Creating characters along the way that would end up being Jonathan Grey, Kate Ambers and August Stowe.

Fast Forward about a year and a half and Brian shared his now complete story with Bob.  Being the science fiction enthusiast and visionary that he is, Bob took that story and added some much needed pop and substance.  Over the course of the next two years, the duo went back and forth refining the story to what you see today in World of Grey.

Bob Lucenti

Bob Lucenti is a writer based in New York City and co-writer/creator of World of Grey.

Bob hates social media and refuses to give in

Brian Vander

Brian Vander is an artist based in suburbs near Chicago, Illinois. Over the past ten years his art has grown from being a time filling hobby to the now illustrating and co-writing the World of Grey Comic. 

Brian understands the importance of social media and uses it for all that is evil
Twitter: @vander11chi
Instagram: brianvander
tumblr: brianvander


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    August Stowe

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